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Born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1964, Clark Prosperi began his painting career in the United States after working as  Art Director in advertising for over 20 years. 

Following many commissioned projects with top interior design firms across the country, Prosperi developed a wide and varied range of techniques and a very unique painting style. 

He has designed numerous art environments for both public and private establishments including The Four Seasons, Hyatt Regency Pier 66, Bank of America, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Crystal Cruise Lines and The World Ship "ResindenSea".

Although he can produce superb works in virtually any painting style, he's primary passion and focus is photo-realism, in which he creates realistic oil paintings by using photo reference to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary creations.


Prosperi continues to study enhanced art techniques from other master painters through workshops across the United States. He values the continuance of education in art and believes one can never cease to learn new techniques within the arts. 

Clark Prosperi’s passion for painting is reflected in his desire to pass on his knowledge to others. 

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